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Don’t replace your Kawkawlin fence without calling us first.

Kawkawlin Repairs That Bring Your Fence Back to Life

Call around to fence “repairmen” in Kawkawlin and you might just find that they do much less repair than they advertise. That’s because they’re interested in selling overpriced new fences that are much more expensive and may not even look better than your existing fence. While that approach may work for them, Forkel Fence Co & Snow Plowing takes a very different view of fence repair.

At Forkel Fence Co & Snow Plowing, we’re real fence repair specialists and we’ll do everything we can to bring your fence back from the brink before recommending a new installation. In many cases, damage from high winds or other weather causes can be salvaged and restored to like-new condition with just a little bit of hard work. After a free evaluation in Kawkawlin, we’ll give you a list of repair options to choose from.

Forkel Fence Co & Snow Plowing fence repairs can take a number of different forms. From building and staining wooden boards from scratch to sourcing replacement materials from original manufacturers, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to give your repaired Kawkawlin fence a consistent look.

Check out Forkel Fence Co & Snow Plowing fence repairs before deciding on a new Kawkawlin fence installation. Call us today at 989-837-2239.

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